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Steps to Advance “My Reader” 4th Grade

“How to”  Google Doc Video Tutorials

Basic Editing

Spell Checking

Voice Typing

Deleting Lines to Fill in the Blanks

Inserting an Image (picture)

Punctuation Practice

General Practice

  • Read word list in binder
  • Read grey decodable books
  • Write your first and last name
  • Use a paragraph template and write 1 paragraph. Use Main idea sentence, 3-4 detail sentences, and a conclusion sentence.
    • Why is ________________ the best __________? (use paragraph template 1)
    • Write about why ________ is your favorite. (use paragraph template 2)
    • Explain how you do something. (use paragraph template 3)
  • Work on reading and writing pages from your Independent Work Binder
  • Do a Mad Libs page
  • Play reading game
  • iReady language arts lessons through your Clever account


paragraph template 1

paragraph template 2

paragraph template 3


Imagine Learning

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